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Often times you come across people that make a difference in your life, whether it be at home or at work. Eric Miller, Security Account Manager at Roosevelt Collection, is such a person. On Thanksgiving, he shared the following message with his on-site team. His reflections are thoughtful, meaningful and thankful. Thank you, Eric!

Tradition in my family is to say what we are thankful for each year on this day. It has officially been two years for me here at Roosevelt Collection and I want to share some thoughts with you.

I want to say that one of the things I am thankful for is the staff I work with here at Roosevelt Collection and at AlliedBarton.  

I am thankful for my Officers that do the little things and the “dirty work” around here by walking the plaza when it is cold, raining, snowing, blazingly hot or hazardously windy. Also, by touring the back halls, garage, Wells Street and empty spaces at all hours of the day. Without you holding down the property, it would probably blow away or fall apart. I thank you for stepping up and covering shifts, even when you don’t always want to. I appreciate the hard effort you all put in, and even though I don’t remember to say it everyday, I am glad I have such a good crew. 

I am thankful for my Shift Supervisors. Jackie – for being my sounding board and, even though sometimes unfair, letting me unload and vent my frustrations. Shawn – for being steadfast, reliable, and a real go-get-it-done kind of guy. Wendy – for working through adversity and reminding me how strong one person can be. James - for being my rock on 3rd shift, allowing me to sleep well at night. Mark, Tim, Jacob and Alex – for subbing in when I need them and getting the job done the way I needs it to be done.

I am thankful for my Doorstaff. You deal with the sometimes petty and sometimes not so petty concerns of our residents on a daily basis – a job I could not do. You all do the job with enough professionalism and skill that makes my management of the job easier. Particularly, Joel and Sandy C. Thanks for helping set the standard amongst the staff and to those of you rising up and meeting (or even exceeding) that standard.

I am thankful for the support staff at the AB office. Ben – for bringing me back after the downsizing two years ago and giving me a great opportunity at RC. I’m looking forward to the next two years. Rick – thanks boss for always being available to me. Lord knows I need some good advice now and then. Adrianna – for doing what you do, which none of us can quite understand how you manage to do the job of three people. You are the best. John – for always helping me get my schedules together and stay on track for payroll. I don’t always make it easy. Pat – for always having my back when I need those extra Officers, even when I steal one of your best floaters. Ken – for being there when I need some field support.

I am thankful for the Maintenance staff – the guys who literally to the dirty work around here. We could not function without your hard work – in the cold, heat, damp, dark, etc. Forget the postman, it’s maintenance that you always rely on to do their appointed rounds. Tony – for bringing all that experience and attitude to the job, making things work and having fun at the same time.

I am thankful for the Engineering staff. Rich – for being a great partner the last two years.  Holding this place together both literally and figuratively. Glad to have someone with whom I have been able to develop an outstanding working relationship with, and look forward to seeing this place finally come into it’s own (fingers crossed on that last part.) Jason – for always being a friendly voice and helping out whenever we ask.

I am thankful for the Property Management teams I have had – good to work with, no non-sense people that tell it like they see it. Martha, Tom, Barry, Chuck, Nancy, Kristin and Rebecca at the start and now it’s Yvonne, Amy, Scott and John. Leasing - Rian and Roxie, for being there for us through the regime change and keeping us sharp and on our toes.

If I have forgotten to mention anyone, just know that I am thankful for everyone here at Roosevelt Collection and look forward to another interesting year at RC.


Eric N. Miller
Security Account Manager
Roosevelt Collection 

Photo credit: Woodley Wonderworks

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