Sod Room Morning Fun on Plaza (8/2) + Interview

Summer at Roosevelt Collection

Summer at Roosevelt Collection

The Sod Room is the South Loop’s newest and greenest indoor playspace committed to providing a healthy and meaningful play experience for children by selecting only safe, sustainable and responsibly made toys and materials. They’re joining us this weekend for a very special edition of Kids Club, featuring a morning of singing, dancing and clapping as Sarah Jayne Lane takes the stage for a kid’s concert on the green space. It all happens at 10:30 AM on Saturday, August 2nd.

To commemorate this great event, we spoke with Cynthia Valenciana, owner of the Sod Room about her mission, the South Loop and all the great fun she’s having. See you on Saturday!


Roosevelt Collection: What can South Loop kids and parents expect from a trip to Sod Room?

Cynthia Valenciana: South Loop families can expect a whimsical playspace that is truly unlike any other. Set inside a historic building, our loft like space is open, airy and filled with natural light. Our space features a combination of custom playpieces and eco-friendly toys to keep the entire family entertained.

RC: What steps have you taken to ensure the Sod Room is an eco-friendly play area?

CV: It was our intention to keep Sod Room an eco-friendly business from the very start. During the very early stages of Sod Room, we implemented a deconstruction approach for our build out as opposed to demolition. This meant that old fixtures, wiring, wood and metal were collected and recycled or repurposed whenever possible. Our tables, shelving and fixtures were created using reclaimed wood, our floor is made of a recycled cork, custom pieces were designed by a local artist using local materials, our reception desk was created using over 4oo repurposed books, our water heater is an energy efficient electric unit. In addition we recycle the majority of our waste, use eco-friendly soaps and cleansers, limit our printed materials and stock local and eco-friendly gifts within our retail area.

RC: What’s the best part about being a kid (or a parent) in the South Loop?

CV: There are so many things to love about the South Loop! The best part of being a parent or kid in the South Loop is the unexpected small town feel the community has. The area is very family friendly, within walking distance to incredible parks and the lakefront and has tremendous accessiblity to other parts of the city not to mention the diversity in the neighborhood and great selection of restaurants.

RC: What are future plans for the Sod Room family?

CV: Sod Room is very much a family business. We take tremendous care with every detail pertaining to the playspace regardless of size. This leads to many long hours planning, preparing, perfecting and dreaming. All of which we love! For now, we are enjoying watching the space grow and getting to know the many different families that visit us.

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